As the technological world in which we live expands, so does the need to safeguard the electronic environment on which it depends.  Data centres, server rooms, mobile network base stations and access control areas, to name a few, all contain sensitive electronic equipment which is of substantial intrinsic and extrinsic value.  Static discharge can result in damage to expensive equipment, but often it is the loss of data or effects of downtime that are considered the most crucial.

Similarly static can cause havoc in areas where scientific work is conducted, sensitive instrumention used or manufactured and is essential In areas where safety is paramaount, such as explosive manufacture and storage areas, refineries and hospital theatre's.

Unlike an anti-static floor which simply does not contribute to the build-up of a static charge, Transit's ESD / Conductive floor protects personnel and equipment by actively conducting static generated by other sources into the floor and away to an earthing point where it is safely discharged.     

  • Excellent conductivity at 0.3 Meg-Ohms (1 x 10^6) (see our test results)

  • Quicker and simpler installation (when compared to access floors, for example) with minimal wastage due to 300mm x 300mm tile format

  • Significantly more cost effective than alternative conductive floor options

  • Durable, non-slip and comfortable & quiet underfoot

  • Easy to maintain

  • Modern aesthetics


Transit Conductive Tiles are available in 5 raised stud designs as well as our 'Jumbo' which has a leathergrain finish with a 5mm wide bevelled border. 

Due to the high carbon content in the Conductive raw material our ESD Conductive tile, like a good Model-T Ford, is only available in Black.

8 rows of 8 round studs, 26mm in diameter

Polished radius around each stud

300mm x 300mm x 3.2mm

Base thickness 2.2mm

Stud height 1.0mm

Quadra Super

6 rows of 6 40mm-squares

with rounded corners and polished radius

300mm x 300mm x 3.0mm

Base thickness 2.0mm

Stud height 1.0mm

12 rows of 12 18mm-squares

300mm x 300mm x 3.2mm

Base thickness 2.7mm

Stud height 0.5mm

10 rows of 10 round studs, 25mm in diameter

300mm x 300mm x 3.0mm

Base thickness 2.0mm

Stud height 1.0mm

6 rows of 6 44mm-squares with rounded corners

300mm x 300mm x 3.0mm

Base thickness 2.5mm

Stud height 0.5mm

A lookalike to cermaic tile

Leather-grain surface with 0.5mm recess around the edge to imitate grouting

300mm x 300mm x 3.2mm 

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